Why California residents are moving to St George?

Why California residents are moving to St George?

Is the cost of living in California killing your budget? Are you questioning if the beach and avocados are really worth the high cost of living? We have a solution for you – how about Southern Utah!

More and more people are making the move to Southern Utah – families and retirees alike are being drawn to St. George and its stunning red rock desert. St. George is unique because you get the best of Utah without the snow or air pollution found further north. You don’t have to worry about getting cabin fever during the winter because St. George averages over 300 sunny days a year! Also, air pollution is nonexistent in Southern Utah – perfect for asthma sufferers and people who just enjoy breathing clean air. Another selling point for St. George is location, location, location. Short road trips will land you in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, or even back to California whenever you like so there’s no chance for homesickness.

Living in Southern Utah means living outdoors! Whatever your favourite way is to see the outdoors, Southern Utah has it all – hikes, bikes, horses, ATVs, even ziplines! Southern Utah is also home to some of the most beautiful canyons including Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. And if you get sick of the red rock and the desert heat, Pine Valley is a short 45 minute drive north with beautiful mountains covered in – you guessed it – pine trees and oak trees where guests enjoy camping, fishing and hiking in mild temperatures. For water lovers there are also several reservoirs  – Sand Hollow, Quail Lake, and Gunlock – to enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and water sports. There really is something for everyone!

Are you convinced yet? Are the great outdoors calling your name? You must be wondering how much it costs to live in a place where the quality of life seems great, right? It actually costs a lot less than you think! Let’s look at how much it is to rent in California, across Utah, and in St. George specifically (Sperling’s BestPlaces website) as well as the median home cost. I think you’d be surprised to see that while Utah is quite affordable, St. George is notably more affordable than the rest of the state.


Rental Size California Utah St. George, UT
Studio $968 $555 $510
1 Bedroom $1,142 $682 $570
2 Bedroom $1,459 $842 $710
3 Bedroom $2,027 $1,204 $1,020
4 Bedroom $2,301 $1,417 $1,240
Median Home Cost $450,200 $227,400 $204,500


Source: https://www.bestplaces.net/

Jaw-dropping, right? According to this data, you can cut your housing costs in half just by moving to Utah! Here is a comparison of a couple of other living costs – gas and utilities. According to Gas Buddy, current gas prices in California are at an average of 3.398, whereas in St. George it is currently 2.386. Utilities (cents per kWh) average at 18.48 across California and 10.32 across Utah. In St. George, the current rate is even lower at 8.13.





So, you’re convinced. Southern Utah is the place to be if I want to save my hard-earned coins. But what else is there to do if I don’t want to hike everyday? Here are some popular activities and attractions that locals of all ages enjoy:

Families love St. George because of all the family friendly environment. Below are a few local favourites for entertaining children and teenagers alike:

Here are the links to St. George and surrounding cities for more information about the recreation centers and city parks:

Retirees are able to enjoy all of those activities and more, including: